Feb 20 2015

How Radio and Music Changed Over the Years

How many of you still listen to radio regularly? I mean, an actual radio, okay? Not online radio. I used to have a radio so big it couldn’t fit on my desk. I blast the music up, and my mother gets amazingly angrier at me than usual when I was a teenager.


I was browsing around some sites looking for plastic storage boxes on HTTP://plasticstorageboxeswithlids.net/ when I also happened to stumble upon a website that sells vintage-looking radios. That’s when I realized how completely off the grid I have been when it comes to today’s music and music devices.


Sure, I have an iPad and a music player that works well with my Bluetooth speakers, but that’s all I know about music nowadays, except if I have the time to read a review here. When I think about how my childhood was like, I remember a lot about the old guys who used to sing really melodic songs, you know? It’s definitely not the kind we hear these days. All the pop and rock songs get to my nerves, at times.


Def Jam Recordings Kanye McCartneyThe other day, I was playing some really solid songs on my speakers, and my niece asked me who it was. I was just playing an old song of Boyz II Men for crying out loud. How come they don’t know about them? Then, I realized that just a month ago, there was a news on social media about how some kids asked who Paul McCartney was, and why was he able to do a duet with Kanye West.


So yes, I got that the music industry changed a lot, but I still don’t understand why our taste in music has to suffer as well. I know there are really good artistic musicians out there, but gone are the days I truly cherished before. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t listen to radio as much (except when I don’t have anything to listen to in my old car).


Music has certainly evolved, and I accept that. What I cannot accept, however, is that more and more people are becoming ignorant of the things that truly made music great. Emotions, lyrics, melodies—these are the things that I always look for when it comes to listening to good music. How come I only find about three to five songs in a year that can capture my ears and my heart?


Dec 29 2014

Discomfort and the Zone


It’s no secret that I like to lose myself in my music. I have different kinds of playlists, for different occasions. While the songs in each list might vary, one thing they have in common is that I’ve put a lot of time and effort, into choosing the songs that I feel are most suitable. You see, I don’t want to be listening to a playlist, and then find myself annoyed or jarred by the fact that there’s a song playing that I think breaks the mood. So each playlist is one continuous flow of songs which all fit a particular mood, purpose or style.

This is what I mean when I say that I want to get in the zone. I want to get so caught up in the flow of the music that I’m able to leave behind all the annoying distractions of life. If the playlist is upbeat and high energy, I want to be able to get my heart pumping and my adrenaline rushing. And if the playlist is relaxing, I want to be able to just float on a soft cushion of sound. The problem is when there are other things happening that intrude on that kind of zen. Recently, I’ve been having to concern myself with hemorrhoids, and let me tell you that that’s the sort of thing that gets uncomfortable really quick.  So I went in search of the best cream for Hemorrhoids.

It’s so annoying. If you’ve never suffered from this kind of problem, it’s easy to underestimate just how easily it intrudes on the rest of your life. It’s not just activities which are hampered or made difficult. Even such simple things as belting out a power ballad, or swaying from side to side, are affected. It’s more than just about the discomfort or even pain. There’s also the annoying itching which really works its way into your brain, and seemingly doesn’t let up.

So I’ve been talking to friends about this. Hey, I don’t have a problem admitting that I have a problem. That’s why these guys are my friends after all. So one of my friends mentioned a few products that I could try, such as Venapro. When I asked him, “Does Venapro work?” he responded by saying that he didn’t have first hand experience with it, but he had read a review about it on bestcreamforhemorrhoids.com. So I’m thinking that if this problem doesn’t resolve itself soon, I’m probably going to have to look at some sort of medication.


Dec 23 2014

Playlist for New Hobby

Music is my passion, no doubt about that. But I have started a great new hobby of paddle boarding. A friend of mine introduced me to this last summer while we were vacationing in Costa Rica. It was a little shaky at first but once I got the hang of it I immediately fell in love with it. I came home and did some research to find the top rated inflatable stand up paddle board, and quickly found one that fit my needs perfectly.

inflatable stand up paddle board

Like with everything else in my life, this new hobby led back to music. I would say that music would be essential to this sport, as you are typically out on the water all alone. Even when I have gone with friends we can often be too far apart to really talk to each other, so music is nice to have.

Finding the perfect music to listen to while paddle boarding was not easy.

This probably does not come as a surprise, but my taste, and preferences are always changing. I never really know what I might be in the mood for. As a result I decided to create several different playlist to use for my adventures.

First up I have my high energy playlist. I call this “Feel the Burn.” For this list I went with a mix of current popular songs, along with many classic rock, and hits for the 90s. I worked to keep songs with a BPM (beats per minute) of around 120. I found that range really keeps me interested, but more importantly motivates me to keep working harder.

Clearly this is the mix to use when I am out to get a good workout in on my paddle board. Those times when I want to really feel my muscles work and break a sweat. This can be great stress relief after a long hard day.

The second playlist I made went at a different kind of pace. I am still working out, and always getting in a good exercise, so I did not want the music to get to slow or mellow. But there were times when I just wanted to paddle around and enjoy the relaxing moment on the water. A time to not really feel a burn or reach a new goal, but rather to soak in experience and just be in the presences of nature.

So I looked for more alternative rock and some cool new indie music for this playlist. This keeps me engaged and moving, but also allows for me to go a little slower. Perhaps the best thing with this mix is that I include some instrumental tracks. These really help to keep my attention, but allowed me space for clear thinking. Not the type of thinking that makes a to-do list, but just to mental process my thoughts, feelings, or the day.

Both playlist are awesome, if I do say so myself, and really fit nicely with my new hobby. I even shared them in the review I left for my inflatable paddle board, which I really think is the best ISUP board on the market.

Anyone else into my new hobby? What kind of music do you prefer?
What playlist have you created for your other hobbies?

Dec 18 2014

A Sought Out Musician’s Life


I have lived my entire life as a musician. As a matter of fact, my mother always says that she used to hear me doing beats even when I was still in her belly. As a child I was exposed to different musical instruments, enrolled in a music school, and do many things to my satisfaction. However, it seems that my passion is really in singing.

Being in a band gave me the opportunity to live the life I want. I never looked for material gain, or stressed my life into seeking riches. I just wanted to sing. This is the satisfaction that I have found when I and my peers decided to gather together to form a band. From time to time, I play instruments such as keyboard and drums, but mostly I do front acts.

My Journey

That was when I realized that being a musician is not all just singing and belting out high notes. I started receiving bookings, performing in different hotels. Little did I know, I have started making a name in the music industry. Well, not that I want to be part of the showbiz world, but there are just times when I meet people and they start telling me that they saw me perform in a certain hotel.

Later on, I started to consider the way I look. Being a singer/musician comes with a lot of privileges and benefits, that’s a fact. However, it also came with a responsibility, that is, to take good care of myself. Everytime I go to the beach, I make sure that I look good. This involves making sure that I go to the beach in my bikini without any flaws whatsoever. This is why I find hair remedy products so helpful. Unless I want to end up being bashed in social media, I need to make sure that I am not bash-worthy to others.

Aside from the hairless system products that I maintain, I also make sure that I strut an extra positive vibe. Well, who knows? I might make it big someday. For now, I am very satisfied with what I am doing. I sing, I play, and some people know me. They appreciate my talent. Wherever my feet take me into my musical journey, I am willing to gladly oblige.

As what they always say, if you love your job, you are not working at all. For me, music is my life. I don’t look at it as a means of earning. My passion allowed me to live, and I am very thankful of that. The best part about this is that I am living the life I have always wanted to. For that, I am happy.


Dec 8 2014

Keeping Music Fresh

I am around music all day. Everywhere I go I hear music. Typically most people take in music during their commutes or maybe even at home. But I consume music all day long. During the commute, and then for the bulk of my work day I am always listening to music.

My motivation and reason for listening to music is rarely for pleasure though. I mean I do find it enjoyable, but that is not often the main objective of the music I am listening too. Typically I am listening to evaluate a piece of music.

This can be to determine its quality, whether it is a good fit for a station or video, or even what kind of emotions it is invoking. This can be a key factor for finding the right music, at the right time, for the right situation and mood.

Since music is my passion and career, most would view my constant consumption of music as a positive thing. They would of course be correct in that assumption. However, over time I have found that as I am perpetually listening to music, it can almost lead to dulling my ear. I’m not meaning that I can’t hear, but rather the constant stream of music can slow my emotional reaction to the music. I say that I just can’t “feel” the music as well. It is almost like my senses have been dulled.

So what do I do to combat this problem? Simple strategy of taking time every day to be in a quiet state. I find this works best for me to happen during my lunch hour while drinking my new weight loss shake, that I have just found. It does not have to be dead silence, but rather void of created and produced music.


How do I achieve this? Pretty simple actually. For my lunch break I just take my meal replacement shake, IdealShape, with me up to the roof of my office building. Or if I am not in my office that day then I just find some place to sit outside. In that moment as I sip on my shake I just listen to the sounds around me. That can be traffic, city noise, birds, the busyness of people around me, or really anything. This break from music and opportunity to absorb some of the world really helps me to relax. That relaxation aids me in staying fresh when I go back to work, and more importantly helps me to stay passionate about the music I am working on.

Is anybody with me? What do you do to take a relaxing break during the day? How do you help to keep your passion for music fresh?

Dec 3 2014

My Musical Confession

Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews

I love any type of music. I am not sticking to just one style or type of music. On any given day I could be jumping back and forth between several different styles. This variety is often reflected will in my music collection, but also in the playlist that I make. In fact I get the award in my office for having the most random songs on my playlist. I’ve been winning that award hands-down for about the last 3 years.

With all my love and appreciation for music I can still not seem to really make any good music on my own. I can not plan an instrument, at least not well, and am not going to wow anyone with my singing. It’s a bit odd in my profession to not be also good at creating music. So many of my co-workers are also musicians themselves on the side. Most as just a hobby or creative outlet, but some have even been paid for their talents.

Not the case for me. It is really sad because I really do wish that I could create music. This has become a really big longing or desire for me, but it just does not seem to be happening.

Even my snoring is apparently a miserably awful sound. It was so bad that my husband decided to research a snoring solution, and after reading several Good Morning Snore Solution reviews he bought me one as a present. I could handle the sweet suggestion, and was actually a little embarrassed. However, this solution is actually an anti snoring mouthpiece, which while it corrects my snoring, it makes it impossible to talk. But that could have been part of his thinking.

Now, I know what you are thinking, everyone can make music it just takes some practice and dedication. I would completely agree with that. When using the proper teacher, and having the right devotion, I think most people can learn to play an instrument. You can even learn how to play and instrument online.

No doubt however, that some just have natural born musical ability, and for those individuals picking up musical instruments comes really quickly and easily for them. I obviously do not have this natural born ability, and I guess I am not committed enough to devote the time needed to practice and develop the skill.

So for now I will just be enjoying and working with the amazing music that other talented musicians.